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Aim to create entertainment that audience will crave for?

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    It's time to put all digital channels to hard work for you with Can Explode platform:
  • Expand your content offer to wider audience faster
  • Make all content work in-sync and react to audience’s actions
  • Easily connect e-commerce as additional revenue source

Take your audience for a neverending journey with your video shows, movies, games and more!

Here’s a quick example of how to set out an epic cooking show journey:

Cooking show

A regular video show divided into seasons, published on online video platforms


Realtime activities

Enable real time activities like live voting or multi-user surveys and use results to enhance experiences in the video show and other channels.


Automated video content

Plug-in personalised video content generated from customer metrics - preferences and activities from social media, apps, web etc.


Ingredients delivery

Partner with an online e-grocery to offer ingredients’ delivery in a subscribtion model. Customers might subscribe to get ingredients used to prepare the meals from the show. Get a cut of every transaction and acquired customer.


Interactive recipes

Created with an open storytelling format, that blends narration and interaction. Fast and cheap to produce. Can be easily distributed on the web, mobile and smart tv during and inbetween seasons.

What’s next? It’s only up to you – use new opportunities to take the audience for an epic journey and grow the business along the way!

A short recap of the platform

Can Explode is the cloud platform to quickly build multichannel entertainment and generate revenue

  • Cloud means no upfront investment costs in the technology so less time and money is needed to create and deliver great entertainment products to all channels.
  • The platform connects multiple channels e.g.: online VOD, social media, games, apps, VR and more to let you easily build seamless experiences that will generate more value for you and your audience.
  • The platform offers a suite of on-demand services to let you quickly create multichannel content, animate community and capture more revenue opportunities with various e-commerce partners and business models.
  • The tools are simple enough to let non-tech people immediately take advantage of the technology and expand their existing product lines or build new products with a great business potential.
  • Pricing is going to be extremely competitive, based on actual usage in pay-as-you-go model.

Learn by example - Feature movie

We're going to present creators and producers of the upcoming feature movie (2018) using Can Explode platform for marketing and product development. The step by step coverage will provide insight on the process, challenges and benefits of using the cloud technology to built multichannel entertainment for various audiences.

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